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Mitsubishi Electric acquires Smarter Grid Solutions software company


Mitsubishi Electric (OTCPK:Mely -0.4%) acquires UK-based Smarter Grid Solutions, a provider of distributed energy (DER) management software for utilities and DER operators. The company said the acquisition will strengthen its DER-management solutions. “SGS Limited offer innovative solutions to companies across Europe and North America, have been helping with the install, manage, and...

S. A. Klarman declared a share in JET


S. A. Klarman has reported a first interest in Just Eat Takeaway on behalf of hedge fund the Baupost Group. This was demonstrated by a notification under the Financial Supervision Act, dated 4 August 2021, published by the AFM on 12 August. Klarman reported a capital stake of 3.50 percent with the same voting right. This interest is indirectly kept Real. The report is covered by the Control...

Blackstone is continuing NBC Business bank takeover


The American investor, Blackstone, is continuing its bid to take over the Hague’S NBC Business Bank. As for now, 96.25% of the shares have been notified. According to the parties, all the conditions for a takeover have now been fulfilled. The closing date of the bid is 30 December and the remaining documents can be notified until 11 January. The board of directors and the commissioners are...

ZeroAvia secured the next round of investments


The developer of hydrogen aircraft ZeroAvia raised $ 21.4 million in a new investment round. Among other things, oil and gas group Shell provided new capital to enable the company to further develop its emission-free aircraft. The largest contribution to the investment round was Bill Gates’ Fund. ZeroAvia develops relatively small hydrogen-powered aircraft, which for the time being are...

AMC Entertainment has 750 million outstanding debts, may collapse as soon as next month


AMC Entertainment is on the verge of collapse. The largest chain of cinemas in the worldย  needs $ 750 million to ensure its survival. Otherwise, it might be bankrupted. The company has been provided with some air by a capital injection of $ 100 million from Mudrick Capital but it isn’t enough. AMC has around a thousand standalone cinemas worldwide and accounts for more than 11,000 cinema...

Petobras takes over FPSO P-71 floating platform


The Brazilian oil company Petrobras takes over a floating platform from Shell Brazil and Petrogal Brazil. The deal involves $353 million.
The so-called FPSO P-71 is still being completed at a shipyard in the South American country. Petrobras also agreed on a new development plan for the Tupi oil field, where the floating platform would originally go.

Heineken becomes distributor of Stella Artois in Australia


Heineken buys some of the Australian activities of his Japanese branch Regent Asahi. The Dutch brewery thus acquired the distribution rights for brands such as Stella Artois, Strongbow and Beck’s in Australia. Asahi was forced to sell because of its own takeover of Carlton and United Breweries, which was sold by AB Inbev. The Australian Competition Authority made the transaction conditional...

Samsung is the main beneficiary of US sanctions against Huawei


Samsung has had an excellent quarter. The South Korean company benefited, inter alia, from the restrictions imposed by the United States on the Chinese competitor Huawei. The maker of smartphones and memory chips, which closed in the three months to September, with an operating profit of 12.3 billion won, compared to over 9 billion, according to preliminary figures. With that result, the company...

Tech bosses to testify before the Senate


Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, the directors of Facebook and Twitter, will testify before a Senate Committee on October 28. According to a source of Reuters, Google director Sundar Pichai will also be present, but the company did not confirm that. The Senate Committee on Commerce wants to talk to the three CEOs about the possible reform of an American law protecting internet companies. The...

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