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Maurice Esma, a co-founder of EconomicInform is a freelance journalist with the expertise in international finance and corporate rights. The author can be reached by email [email protected]

Millions euro go up in flames every day at the Finnish border


At a plant of the Russian company Gazprom near the border with Finland, a gigantic โ€™watch flameโ€™ has been burning for weeks, where, according to an analysis by Rystad Energy, more than 10 million euros are wasted on gas every day. Experts told the BBC that it may be gas that was previously exported to Germany. In the flame, which can be seen from tens of kilometers away, more than four million...

Alibaba presents new CFO, rearranged e-commerce


Alibaba presented a new Financial CEO on Monday and at the same time announced a reorganization of its e-commerce activities. Toby Xu will succeed Maggie Wu as of April 1st next year. Wu has been CFO at the tech giant since 2013 and is co-responsible for three Alibaba stock quotes. Wu remains a member of the board. Last Friday, the Chinese taxi service Didi announced, under pressure from the...

KLM delay capital increase


Air France-KLM is considering postponing its capital increase, as many governments have imposed severe travel restrictions to limit the spread of the Omikron variant of the coronavirus. News agency Reuters reports on Thursday based on sources. The French-Dutch airline hoped to raise EUR 1 billion or more by the end of the year, in order to strengthen its balance sheet and repay state aid. This is...

Ruptured supply chains and shocking energy prices put brakes on Euro zone growth


The declining growth rate in Euro area industry in October has been confirmed. This was shown on Tuesday by final figures from Markit. The Purchasing Managers Index for the monetary union industry fell from 58.6 to 58.3 in October. Preliminary figures indicated a smaller decrease to 58.5. Markit’s economist Chris Williamson noted that manufacturers reported a deterioration in the supply...

WhatsApp failure adds 70 million new users to Telegram


Telegram founder Pavel Durov says he saw a ‘record growth’ in the number of users during last Monday’s WhatsApp messenger outage. More than seventy million new people would have used the Telegram app on Monday. According to Durov, the high growth did not cause problems for the majority of users. Only users on the American continents could suffer from a slower app, due to the...

Mitsubishi Electric acquires Smarter Grid Solutions software company


Mitsubishi Electric (OTCPK:Mely -0.4%) acquires UK-based Smarter Grid Solutions, a provider of distributed energy (DER) management software for utilities and DER operators. The company said the acquisition will strengthen its DER-management solutions. “SGS Limited offer innovative solutions to companies across Europe and North America, have been helping with the install, manage, and...

S. A. Klarman declared a share in JET


S. A. Klarman has reported a first interest in Just Eat Takeaway on behalf of hedge fund the Baupost Group. This was demonstrated by a notification under the Financial Supervision Act, dated 4 August 2021, published by the AFM on 12 August. Klarman reported a capital stake of 3.50 percent with the same voting right. This interest is indirectly kept Real. The report is covered by the Control...

Blackstone is continuing NBC Business bank takeover


The American investor, Blackstone, is continuing its bid to take over the Hague’S NBC Business Bank. As for now, 96.25% of the shares have been notified. According to the parties, all the conditions for a takeover have now been fulfilled. The closing date of the bid is 30 December and the remaining documents can be notified until 11 January. The board of directors and the commissioners are...

ZeroAvia secured the next round of investments


The developer of hydrogen aircraft ZeroAvia raised $ 21.4 million in a new investment round. Among other things, oil and gas group Shell provided new capital to enable the company to further develop its emission-free aircraft. The largest contribution to the investment round was Bill Gates’ Fund. ZeroAvia develops relatively small hydrogen-powered aircraft, which for the time being are...

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