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Petobras takes over FPSO P-71 floating platform


The Brazilian oil company Petrobras takes over a floating platform from Shell Brazil and Petrogal Brazil. The deal involves $353 million.
The so-called FPSO P-71 is still being completed at a shipyard in the South American country. Petrobras also agreed on a new development plan for the Tupi oil field, where the floating platform would originally go.

Heineken becomes distributor of Stella Artois in Australia


Heineken buys some of the Australian activities of his Japanese branch Regent Asahi. The Dutch brewery thus acquired the distribution rights for brands such as Stella Artois, Strongbow and Beck’s in Australia. Asahi was forced to sell because of its own takeover of Carlton and United Breweries, which was sold by AB Inbev. The Australian Competition Authority made the transaction conditional...

Samsung is the main beneficiary of US sanctions against Huawei


Samsung has had an excellent quarter. The South Korean company benefited, inter alia, from the restrictions imposed by the United States on the Chinese competitor Huawei. The maker of smartphones and memory chips, which closed in the three months to September, with an operating profit of 12.3 billion won, compared to over 9 billion, according to preliminary figures. With that result, the company...

Tech bosses to testify before the Senate


Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, the directors of Facebook and Twitter, will testify before a Senate Committee on October 28. According to a source of Reuters, Google director Sundar Pichai will also be present, but the company did not confirm that. The Senate Committee on Commerce wants to talk to the three CEOs about the possible reform of an American law protecting internet companies. The...

Snowflake raises $3.4B on IPO


The US cloud software developer Snowflake raises nearly $ 3.4 billion with its IPO this week. The company is thus signing up for the largest IPO in the United States this year for an operating company. Snowflake was founded in 2012 and provides, among other things, storage systems for data from various sources that enable rapid analysis. With those activities, the California company is one of the...

Euronext and Deutsche Bรถrse race for Borsa Italiana takeover


Euronext will work with the Italian state lending provider CDP in an attempt to take over the Italian Stock Exchange manager Borsa Italiana. Cassa Depositi e prestige, as CDP stated in full in a statement. Reports of the share distribution were already circulating. Borsa Italiana is now part of the London Stock Exchange owner LSE Group. In addition to Euronext, the German Stock Exchange manager...

Baidu feels economic impact of the COVID pandemic


The Chinese internet giant Baidu is clearly suffering from the corona crisis. The group’s advertising revenue is under pressure because large companies in sectors such as tourism and financial services are reducing their expenditure in this area because of economic uncertainty. Baidu saw sales decline in the last second quarter to just over 26 billion yuan, more than 3.2 billion euros...

Kenes Rakishev invested in General Robotics, now it is featured on TV


It is no longer a science fiction: China, the United States and Israel have already developed such technologies. “Should France follow in their footsteps?”, French television asks their viewers? The accompanying video shows one of the best and brightest developments in the robotics field. Among them the products Israeli startup General Robotics is shown. General Robotics is one of the...

Heineken confident in the long term customer loyality


Heineken is clearly suffering from the corona crisis, which is hitting beer sales hard. The company recorded a loss of 300 million euros in the first half of this year. In addition, the brewer made a write-off of 550 million euros, according to a provisional trade update. The brewer saw its turnover fall by 16.4 percent in the first half of this year. The company not only sold less beer, but also...

Analog Devices is about to acquire Maxim Integrated Products


Analog Devices is a chipmaker rarely heard by ordinary customer. But the components AD makes are vital for the whole electronic. The company is in talks to acquire the fellow. The American chip company Analog Devices is close to an acquisition of industry colleague Maxim Integrated Products. Insiders reported this to the British business newspaper Financial Times. The takeover, which may already...

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