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Kenes Rakishev and Saby charity foundation provided full robotics class for a city


Several days ago the Saby Charitable Foundation, represented by its founders Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev, presented the children of Semey with a modern robotics class equipped with the latest technology. The class will operate free of charge on the basis of the Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth. The event was attended by the governor of the Abay region Nurlan Urankhaev. This...

Europe feels some relief as NS is filled with gas once again


The Nord Stream gas pipeline, which carries Russian gas from Russia to Germany, will be put back into operation on Thursday after a ten-day maintenance period. In Europe, it was feared that the pipeline would no longer be used at all. It will take some time before the gas supply through the pipeline is completely back to normal, but at least the transport of Russian gas was restarted on Thursday...

Durable goods order rise faster than expected


New orders for durable goods in the US rose faster than expected in January. This was revealed Friday by figures from the US government.
Orders were up 1.6%. An increase of 0.8 percent was expected in advance.
In December, orders rose by a revised 1.2 percent.
Without means of transport, including cars, orders increased by 0.7 percent. Excluding defense orders, orders increased by 1.6 percent.

Hennes & Mauritz reports significant profit gains, Chinese boycott ended in nothing


Hennes & Mauritz has seen significant gains in the past quarter. This was shown on Thursday by the results of the Swedish fashion company. According to CEO Helena Helmersson, the new collection was well received, the chain had fewer clothes on sale and costs remained well under control. After-tax profit in the third quarter, which ended on 31 August, amounted to SEK 4.7 billion compared to a...

Tropical storm Ida frightens oil consumers


The price for a barrel of crude oil closed higher on Friday and rose more than 10 percent on a weekly basis, while Tropical storm Ida moved towards the US Gulf Coast. Tropical storm Ida led to a hurricane watch in New Orleans and a declaration of emergency for the state of Louisiana. The storm is now crossing the Caribbean and is expected to reach Cuba today. The risk of the storm increasing in...

The Advertising Code Committee labelled Shell advertisement as misleading


The Advertising Code Committee (RCC), the body that assesses whether an advertisement complies with the Dutch Advertising Code, finds an advertisement by oil and gas company Shell misleading, she writes on Friday. This means that Shell has to stop the commercials. The complaint against Shell was lodged by a group of law students from the VU University Amsterdam (VU). Shell promises in the...

Mac mini will get the same M1 chip


Apple would be working on a new Mac mini. According to 9to5Mac, the small computer with a more powerful M1 chip should appear sometime in the coming months. Among other things, the computer would have a new design. The new Mac mini would also have more connection ports than the current model, says 9to5Mac from the newsletter of a journalist from Bloomberg News Agency. The Mac mini was one of the...

Red Tsunami comes for the Chinese educational platforms


Shares of Chinese companies active in digital education are in danger of collapsing when the American Stock Exchange opens this afternoon. The Chinese government is considering obliging the educational technology sector to adopt a non-profit model, according to several Chinese media. According to the media, Beijing would consider introducing new legislation for this. This would result in these...

US Senate approves 250 billion investment package to close the tech gap


On Tuesday, the US Senate approved a $250 billion government investment for technological research and development. 68 members of the Senate approved the proposal, while 32 voted against. The plans still have to be approved by the House of Representatives. Public investment in scientific research has been declining for years, as has the position of the US semiconductor industry. Of this amount...

Bitonic considers DNB rules too strict


Bitcoin company Bitonic wants to know from the judge whether regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) with its crypto rules is too strict for providers of digital coins. Bitonic believes that DNB’s requirements are contrary to the privacy rules. The case later on Tuesday goes to the Administrative Court in Rotterdam. According to the rules of the regulator, crypto providers of every buyer of...

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