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Air France KLM plans to operate half the regular routes


Air France operated only half of the flights that would normally start during the same period in November and December. The current travel restrictions require the French branch of Air France-KLM to take that decision. Already earlier this week, KLM crossed out the planned increase in the number of flights this autumn. Air France expects to return to 170 destinations before the turn of the year...

US stock market ended the week with substantial profits


The stock exchanges in New York went out of business on Friday with substantial profits. Investors who wanted to take advantage of recent price declines by buying in heavily pushed up the gauges. Large technology funds were particularly popular. This blinded the prevailing concerns about rising levels of infection in Europe and the United States and the absence of a new American support package...

Elon Musk sent a grotesque letter to employees


Elon Musk, CEO of electric car maker Tesla, is calling on his employees to work harder in the coming weeks. Before the end of September, when the quarter ends, as many cars as possible should roll off the production line. A record quarter may then be put on the books, Musk said in an email to his staff. “But we will have a hard time reaching that record,” he said. “The delivery of...

Spotify may see the light: ‘Apple Watch users will soon be able to run the service’


Despite the fact that the Apple Watch is very popular, and Spotify is currently the largest music stream service, both products do not work together. This seems to be changing now, as the service may be carrying out a test. And that test has everything to do with the Apple smartwatch. For many users of the Apple Watch it is a recurring irritation. They do not use Apple Music and therefore cannot...

Nikkei shaken by NVIDIA/Softbank deal


The Stock Exchange in Japan started the new business week on Monday with a profit. Heavyweight SoftBank was in demand thanks to a major takeover deal from the Japanese tech investor. In addition, the results of the election by the governing party of Japan of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s successor were awaited. The other Stock Exchange meters in the Asian region were also improving. The main...

Saudi Arabia lowers oil prices


Saudi Arabia is lowering its prices for supplies of crude oil to Asia and the United States. Oil prices went down again on Monday, after the strong mins on Friday. These are deliveries scheduled for October. It is the first time in six months that Saudi Arabia has reduced US sales prices. The Saudi step may indicate that oil demand is recovering less strongly from the consequences of the...

Emmanuel Macron introduces his own stimulus plan


French president Emmanuel Macron has unveiled his stimulus plan for France’s economy, amounting to EUR 100 billion. The plan includes, for example, wage subsidies, tax reductions for companies and financing for environmental projects and green technology. The money is mainly intended to stimulate the economy in the longer term and also to help it get out of the corona crisis. Macron hopes...

AkzoNobel acquires low-temperature powder coating division from Stahl


Paint maker AkzoNobel takes over the powder coating operations of the American branch agent Stahl. The company announced it without releasing any financial details. The takeover is already completed. With the purchase of Stahl Performance Powder Coatings, AkzoNobel will, among other things, have at its disposal technologies for powder coatings which hardened at relatively low temperatures. These...

Møller-Maersk doubled the profits


The Danish container carrier A. P. Møller-Maersk has more than doubled its profits in the second quarter, despite the fact that the company has transported fewer goods. Under the line, almost EUR 360 million remained in surplus thanks to lower fuel prices, higher freight rates and cost savings. The demand for goods has been hit hard in many countries by the COVID crisis. This has a direct impact...

German export slowly restores, still far from the pre-COVID times


German industrial production and exports continued to increase in June compared to the previous month. This is how the recovery started earlier continues. Previously there was an unprecedented contraction, as a result of coronam measures leading to factory closures and a significant decline in World Trade. In June, according to new figures from the German statistical office, industrial production...

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