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Pharmaceutical companies thrive on medical emergency


Pharmaceutical Sanofi has increased its turnover in the first three months. The French company also benefited from European consumers who took diabetes medicines for the corona lockdown. In the United States, sales of non-prescription drugs rose sharply. Sales of the drug Dupixent also performed well. Sanofi wants to introduce relatively new drugs, which can be used for asthma and skin...

Volvo truck sales fell 15 percent y/y


The Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Volvo Group was affected in the first quarter by the corona crisis in its sales and production. This put pressure on the results. According to Volvo, there was a strong impact from mid-March due to supply chain disruptions and production shutdowns at most plants due to government measures to address the outbreak. Sales fell by 15 percent to SEK 91.4 billion...

ASML gets a good forecast from BofA


The impact of the corona pandemic on the profit of chip machine manufacturer ASML has already been largely discounted. At the same time, the company may rise in the second half of the year to improve demand and investor sentiment. Bank of America analysts are therefore increasing their advice of the stock from neutral to buy. The earnings per share for ASML in 2020 that analysts expect in average...

China weight on merge of two largest security brokers


China is investigating the feasibility of a merger between the two largest securities brokers in the country, Citic Securities and CSC Financial. Bloomberg reports it based on the authority of insiders. If the merger continues, a stock market giant worth $ 67 billion will emerge. The Chinese government, which is opening up its financial markets further, wants to create a company with the...

Kia Motors shuts down three plants


South Korean automaker Kia Motors plans to temporarily shut down three of its factories domestically because the corona crisis is hitting car exports to the United States and Europe. Previously, most of Kia’s factories and those of parent company Hyundai Motor outside South Korea and China had been shut down. Kia is said to have informed the unions of its intention to temporarily close the...

Triumph Group sends 2,300 employees home


US aircraft parts maker and Boeing supplier Triumph Group sends 2,300 employees on temporary leave for two to four weeks due to the impact of the corona crisis on the airline industry. Due to the crisis, Boeing has halted many activities and suppliers such as Triumph are suffering a lot. These are personnel in the United States and Europe, especially in Great Britain. They will receive a...

Retail sales in Italy went up just before the lockdown hit


In-store sales in Italy went up in February, just before the entire country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Italian statistics office reported this. Italians started hoarding groceries ahead of quarantine measures. According to the statistics agency, retail sales increased by 0.8 percent compared to a month earlier. Both sales of food and non-food products increased...

Norwegian Air served significantly fewer passengers in March


Norwegian Air budget airline carried 60 percent fewer passengers in March compared to last year. Due to the pervasive new corona virus, the airline was forced to gradually keep more of its aircraft on the ground. In the near future, Norwegian is expecting 85 percent of its scheduled flights to be cut due to travel restrictions and less demand for tickets. About 90 percent of the staff will be...

Japan to launch ‘unprecedented’ measures to support economics


The Japanese government will soon release an “unprecedented” large support package to protect the economy from the consequences of the corona pandemic. That was promised by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, after the number of infections in Tokyo rose by a record sixty on Saturday. He did not go as far as to declare a national emergency, but emphasized that the moment is near. The...

Sharp fills patent infringement case against Tesla


Sharp Japanese technology group has filed a patent case against the electric car manufacturer Tesla. According to the company, the American Tesla uses certain communication technology that is subject to Sharp’s patent rights. The case was brought before a Tokyo court. Sharp states that Tesla imports and sells cars in Japan with communications equipment that infringes three patents. The...

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