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ByteDance applied for license to sell TikTok


The Chinese technology group ByteDance, owner of TikTok, has applied for a license to export technology in China. TikTok has until next weekend to get approval for a deal on his American Activities, which, according to ByteDance, also requires the green light from Beijing. ByteDance is still waiting for a response to the application for authorization submitted to a municipal chamber of Commerce...

Airlines and banks show strong decline in Asian region


Most stock exchanges in the Asian region showed small losses on Tuesday. The airlines, in particular, were under pressure from fears of stricter measures in Europe to curb the further advance of the SARS. In Japan, investors had another day off. The Tokyo Stock Exchange will resume on Wednesday. In the meantime, the main index in Shanghai recorded 0.5% in the min and the Hang Seng index in Hong...

Ericsson intention to acquire CradlePoint announced


The Swedish network company Ericsson takes over the US provider of wireless solutions CradlePoint. According to Ericsson, the acquisition, involving USD 1.1 billion, will help to roll out the 5G network for fast mobile internet. Ericsson is committed to gaining market share in the fast-growing 5G market. according to Ericsson, CradlePoint’s services are well suited to the company’s...

Southwest Airlines temporarily grounded 130 of Boeing 737-800 aircraft


The American airline Southwest Airlines temporarily grounded 130 of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. This happened due to discrepancies in the data around the weight of the devices. The weight data of the aircraft are important for determining the number of passengers and the amount of fuel that can be safely transported. The weight also affects the amount of cargo that can be carried and the safe...

ByteDance tries to evade the sell of TikTok


ByteDance tries to prevent a sale of its American branch of film app TikTok. For this reason, the company is currently engaged in talks with the U.S. government, according to business newspaper The Wall Street Journal based on insider information. According to sources, talks on an alternative plan have been going on for months. These negotiations came under additional pressure after the Chinese...

Activity in Spanish industry is unexpectedly low


Activity in Spanish industry fell unexpectedly last month. In France, too, there was a decline and in Germany, industrial activity was less up-to-date than previously estimated. This is reflected in new figures from the UK market researcher Markit. The Purchasing Manager Index for the Spanish industry was 49.9, from 53.5 a month earlier. A position above 50 is a sign of increasing activity, below...

Japanese industry production increased sharply


Production in the large Japanese industry rose by 8% in July compared to the previous month. The Japanese government reported that on the basis of preliminary figures. The car industry, particularly badly hit by the corona crisis, was doing a good job. It is the largest growth since the start of measurements in 1978. Economists, on average, expected a growth rate of 5%. Japan’s industry...

Tesla faces strong competition in China


Tesla feels the strong competition on the Chinese car market. The Americans saw the number of registrations of new vehicles on the world’s largest car market in July drop by almost a quarter compared to a month earlier. In July, 11,456 new Teslas were registered, according to figures from the Chinese authorities. These vehicles have recently been rolling out of the so-called Chinese...

Kenes Rakishev’s company Net Element goes merger with Mullen


Net Element is one of the pioneering IT companies. It rapidly grew to the decent highs, went public and found a niche where it performed well. Out of the many things that company initially planed the payment processing proved to be most profitable. Kenes Rakishev, one of the main founders of the Net Element, decided to invest in a bunch of IT startups using other umbrella companies – Net Angels...

Cathay Pacific Airways posts devastating quarterly results


Cathay Pacific Airways, a Hong Kong airline, has been plunged deep into the red because of the pandemic and the stagnation of the global travel. In the first half of the year, much less tickets were sold and performance plummeted. For the time being, the company does not see any signs of recovery. Cathay puts a loss of $ 9.9 billion in Hong Kong’s books. The passenger turnover fell 72% to...

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