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Heineken acquires majority stake in United Breweries


Heineken has successfully expanded its stake in the Indian Brewer United Breweries to 61.5 percent. This was announced by the Amsterdam Brewer on Friday morning. Heineken already had a 46.5 percent stake in United Breweries, but with the purchase of 39,644,346 shares in United Breweries, this increases to 61.5 percent. Heineken expects the consolidation of United Breweries to have a limited...

GM sued Ford for alleged patent infringement


Car manufacturer General Motors (GM) has filed a lawsuit against industry rival Ford, writes Reuters on Saturday. According to the company, the name of Fords cruise control BlueCruise is too similar to GM’s hands-free Super Cruise function. Also, the name is too similar to that of Cruise, a subsidiary of GM that develops self-driving cars. In April, Ford changed the name of its cruise...

Harley-Davidson is cruising in the sea of green numbers


In the second quarter of 2021, in contrast to last year, Harley-Davidson wrote green figures again and did better than expected. This was apparent on Wednesday from the results of the American manufacturer of motorcycles. Over the second quarter, net income rose from $ 92.22 million negative to $ 206.3 million positive, or an adjusted $ 1.41 per share. The forecast was $ 1.21. Sales at Harley...

Euro and pound are out for summer


On Wednesday, the euro was still below $ 1.18 in a market that is concerned and risk-averse. This is due to the increasing incidence of coronavirus infections and the fear that the economic recovery will be more difficult. That is also the reason for the expected rise in British coronavirus infections, but within the Bank of England the monetary sound has become somewhat milder and that too is...

US crude reserves grow for ninth week in a row


Crude oil stocks in the United States increased last week, after nine weeks in a row. This was shown on Wednesday by figures from the US Energy Agency EIA. In the week ending 16 July crude oil stocks increased by 2.1 million barrels to 439.7 million barrels. Gasoline stocks fell by 0.1 million barrels to 236.4 million barrels. Stocks of fuel oil and diesel fell by 1.3 million barrels to 141.0...

ASML chip machine maker reports a strong quarter


ASML has issued a very strong quarterly update. This was stated by ING analyst Marc Hesselink on Wednesday. “The results were as expected [ … ] gross margin was higher thanks to more software upgrades. This resulted in a 7 percent windfall for the EBIT”, says Hesselink. He also stressed the inflow of 8.3 billion euros in orders, a record. “All in all, the tone is very...

BMW and Volkswagen got fines, Daimler got critics


The European Commission has fined BMW and Volkswagen Group a total of € 875 million for breaching European rules in their cooperation in developing technology to bring emissions from new diesel cars within the legal standard. This was reported by Brussels on Thursday morning. “The five car manufacturers Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche had the technology to reduce harmful...

German production levels decreased in May


Production in the German industry decreased in May compared to the previous month. This was shown on Wednesday by figures from Destatis, the German statistical office. Production, adjusted for seasonality and working days, was 0.3 percent lower in May than in April. Economists were counting on an increase of 0.5 percent. On an annual basis, however, industrial production was 17.3 percent higher...

Chinese Industry sentiment index still positive


Chinese industry and services continued to slow down in June. This was shown on Wednesday by figures from the Chinese government. The industry index fell from 51.0 in May to 50.9 in June, but it was better than the expected 50.7. It is now the third month in a row that growth is slowing down. The index measuring the activity of the Chinese service sector reached 53.5 in June compared to 55.2 in...

Pershing Square Holdings agreed to buy 10 percent of UMG shares


Pershing Square Holdings, through its subsidiary Tontine Holdings, has entered into an agreement with Vivendi to acquire a 10% stake in the activities of Universal Music Group of Vivendi. This was announced by Vivendi on Monday. The participation amounts to approximately EUR 3.5 billion. Previously, there seemed to be an amount of EUR 4.0 billion. The transaction is still subject to approval...

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