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Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova: Aktau seal conservation center goes live


Charity foundations gets more and more involved in environmental protection. One of the oldest charity funds in the Kazakhstan, Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova ‘Saby’, is one of the most active here. It picked an amazing and ambitious battle to save the endangered Caspian seal from extinction. Caspian seal, an unique animal is really in danger of total extinction. The...

German investor confidence is improved in the first month of 2020


The confidence of German investors and analysts in the economy improved considerably in January. This is according to figures from ZEW research institute. The ZEW index, which reflects confidence in the next three to six months, came out at 26.7 compared to 10.7 a month earlier. Economists generally counted on a score of 15. Confidence is supported by the provisional trade agreement that the...

Telefónica got an offer for its South American branch


The Spanish telecom provider Telefónica has reportedly received an offer from a group of investors for a 51 percent stake in the Latin American operations of the company excluding Brazil. According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, it would be a bid of 10 billion euros. The consortium would consist of a group of businessmen who are each active in the eight countries concerned. The remaining...

IMCD acquired Zifroni Chemical Suppliers


IMCD has completed the acquisition of Israeli Zifroni Chemical Suppliers. The listed chemical distributor announced this on Friday without revealing a purchase price.
Zifroni is a distributor of pharmaceutical and chemical ingredients in Israel, among others. Nine people work at the company, which generated a turnover of more than 10 million euros in 2019.

Mysterious lung virus took a first life: 61-year-old Chinese deceased


In the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, a man died of a mysterious viral lung disease that recently broke out. He is the first to succumb to the virus. This is a 61-year-old man who is probably infected at a local fish market, where many live animals are also sold. It is therefore possible that it has been transmitted to humans via birds or other animals. According to the World Health Organization...

National Bank allows Kenes Rakishev to buy Amanat insurance company


The National Bank of Kazakhstan Board permitted acquisition of the major Amanat insurance company by Fincraft Investment House. It was done by adopting the order #247 at December 23 2019. The National bank gives Fincraft a green light to get a major share in the Amanat insurance. With the same order the National Bank gave Fincraft the license to became the representative of the Amanat insurance...

Ryanair is expecting more profit after a strong Christmas season


Airline company Ryanair expects to make more profit in the current financial year than previously thought. The biggest budget flyer in Europe received that confidence after “particularly strong” performances during the Christmas and New Year period when the company received many last-minute bookings. All in all, the price fighter expects to close the financial year, which ends at the...

Record number of passengers for KLM in 2019


Airline KLM welcomed a record number of 35.1 million passengers on board its aircraft last year. There was an annual growth of 2.7 percent. KLM boss Pieter Elbers spoke of a “great milestone”, also pointing to the passenger record for the KLM Group, which also includes the Dutch branch of Transavia. According to Elbers, KLM’s position is stronger than a year ago. In the past...

Migrants in the Netherlands: Poles and Indians in the lead


There are now 17.4 million people on this very small piece of earth. The Dutch population is growing and that is mainly due to migrants. Almost half of them are from Europe. Chinese and Indians also have a relatively large share. “The market directs the power”, experts say. Not all data has yet been received, but Statistics Netherlands estimates that more than 272,000 people settled...

December brought another contraction to Dutch industry


The activity in Dutch industry again shrunk in December. This is according to figures from the Dutch Association of Purchasing Managers (Nevi). The purchasing managers’ index, which reflects the activity, reached a level of 48.3 against 49.6 in November. Economists generally counted on a score of 49.4. A figure above 50 indicates growth, below which shrinkage. The index thus fell to the...

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