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Kenges Rakishev, Aselle Tasmagambetova and Saby fund spent more than 1 billion tenge on fight with COVID pandemic


At the moment, the amount of funds spent by the Saby Foundation to provide assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic amounted to 1,131,956,033 tenge (approx. $2,652,100). The president of the fund, Aselle Tasmagambetova, Kenges Rakishev as a leading patron and one of the co-founders of the fund, have done much to weaken the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and prevent the virus from spreading. Kenges...

ASM Pacific Technologies may go private again


ASM Pacific Technologies (ASMPT) may vanish from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The former subsidiary of ASM International (ASMI), listed in Amsterdam, is said to be in contact with potential investors, according to Insider reports. ASMPT is said to have approached banks for financing in addition to investors and venture capitalists. Given the current market value of ASMPT of USD 4.2 billion, a...

American markets in sell-off mode


The stock exchanges in New York closed the week with clear losses. Uncertainty about potentially over-advanced stock market prices for tech companies has long dominated sentiment, and investors are looking for direction. Big technology companies therefore went on sale. In addition, a new step was taken in the Chinese-American conflict around the apps TikTok and WeChat. The Dow Jones index was 0.9...

Fiat Chrysler and PSA fine-tuned the merger agreement


Car manufacturers Fiat Chrysler and PSA have modified the arrangements around their merger in order to better deal with the blows of the corona crisis. The two groups at the beginning of next year, would merge the fourth-largest automaker in the world, and to reduce, among others, the special dividend, the shareholders receive in the merger. The Special profit distribution has been reduced to a...

Deutsche Börse will compete with Euronext for Milan Stock Exchange


Deutsche Börse confirmed that it had made an offer on Borsa Italiana, the company behind the Milan Stock Exchange. Euronext thus has a competitor for the acquisition of the Italian Stock Exchange Company. Deutsche Börse, active, inter alia, with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, prides itself as a good takeover for the future growth of Borsa Italiana as an autonomous group. “This will...

Shell buys interest in Kosmos Energy exploration projects


Oil and gas group Shell has made a deal with the American Kosmos Energy about a takeover of interests in various exploration projects. This amounts to USD 100 million, plus future payments of up to USD 100 million. These are four projects off the coast of West Africa and Surinam. Exploration drilling is planned for 2021 for three of the four projects. The transaction between Shell and Kosmos...

Is Timur Kulibayev ready to settle in Britain as Sunninghill Park is nearly complete?

Timur Kulibayev

Sunninghill Park home, often referred to as ‘South York’, was not exactly a masterpiece in trendy architecture. It was outdated while not historically valued. Prince Andrew, the owner of the estate, wasn’t big fan of it. The maintenance of property were also high. Andrew knew much better ways to spend the money. Timur Kulibayev, the wealthiest Kazakhstani and dictators son-in...

22000 workplaces at risk in Europe’s biggest airline


Lufthansa is working on additional measures to reduce costs. In addition to the job reductions already announced, 20,000 more jobs are at risk at the company, according to several German-speaking media. The largest airline in Europe has been hit hard by the coronacrisis, as have branch representatives. The pandemic has caused a sharp decline in international travel. Lufthansa has already been...

ISM Industry index seems to be flattening


Activity in the industry around the American city of Chicago has increased less in August than a month earlier. This was announced by the Market Research Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The figure was also weaker than expected. The purchasing manager index measuring activity around Chicago went to 51.2 of the 51.9 reported a month earlier. Economists, on average, calculated a level of 52.6...

TikTok deal is withing days, not months


The departure of Kevin Mayer as the top man of video app TikTok may mean that the American branch of the company will be sold within a few days. Microsoft is the likely buyer, telling sources to the American news channel CNBC. According to the initiates, Mayer was not involved in any discussions with Microsoft. The CEO wanted to run TikTok as an independent company, not as part of a larger...

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