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Highest inflation since 1996 recorded is driven by gas and food prices


Inflation in the Netherlands reached 8.6 percent last month. This is slightly lower than in May, but still very high, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports. Food, in particular, became much more expensive. Food was significantly more expensive last month: an average of 11.2 percent, compared to a year earlier. This was mainly due to the increased prices of dairy and meat, but also grain products...

EU takes action against unregulated crypto markets


The crypto sector will have to deal with European legislation that must limit the excesses around crypto coins. For the first time, all work around cryptocurrency will be tied to rules. The EU member states and the European Parliament reached an agreement on this on Thursday evening. “The new rules will better protect EU citizens who have invested in this currency and prevent abuse, but...

Schiphol mess continues to harm Transavia


Airline Transavia must give passengers their money back in case of canceled flights, offer a flight on the same day or let them choose at what other time they want to fly, the Consumer Association said on Friday. Now the options are money back or a flight after the summer and that goes against European rules. Transavia says that passengers can always rebook if they see an alternative flight with...

WTO agrees on free patents for COVID vaccines – as they are becoming obsolete


All 164 members of the World Trade Organization WTO reached an agreement on Friday morning after two years of negotiations on the release of patents on Corona vaccines. Politicians around the world have been advocating for this for some time, but so far a deal has been held back by the pharmaceutical industry. The deal comes at a time when there is actually no longer any demand for Corona...

German economy is faltering


The consequences of the war in Ukraine are slowing economic growth in Germany, the German central bank predicts. The Bundesbank also expects significantly higher inflation, mainly due to higher prices for food and fuel. This will result in a significant drop in the purchasing power and confidence of German citizens. The German central bank sees prices rise by 7.1 percent this year, well above the...

Oktoberfest-inflation is expected at no less than 15 percent


Beer at the famous Oktoberfest in Munich will be 15 percent more expensive next fall than during the 2019 edition. A liter can then cost almost 14 euros. Water is also not cheap. The price of it can reach almost a dozen per liter. The costs for pub bosses are much higher than the last time the beer festival could go on due to increased energy prices, wages and overall inflation. They have to...

KLM temporarily stops ticket sales from Schiphol, Airport comes up with action plan


Both Schiphol and KLM have taken measures to reduce the crowds at the airport. Where Schiphol today presents an action plan against the crowds, KLM will stop selling tickets for flights departing from the airport in the coming days. The long queues and the crowds at Schiphol in recent weeks are expected to continue until the summer holidays. The airport today comes up with measures that should...

Passenger flow is still well below the pre-COVID era


More than ten million people travelled to and from the most important airports of Netherlands in the first quarter. This means that the number of travelers is still below the level before the corona crisis. In the first three months of 2019, more than seventeen million people travelled via the airports Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Maastricht Aachen Airport and...

EU sanctions against Russia are fragmented, contain a lot of exceptions


The EU countries are expected to continue negotiations on a sixth package of sanctions for Russia on Friday. They have sent the European Commission back to the draft table to amend a number of proposals. According to EU sources, many countries criticize, and not only the proposed total boycott of crude oil within six months and of refined oil before the end of the year. The Commission has offered...

Moroccan food exports to UK rise nearly 40% after Brexit


Moroccan food exports to the UK have increased by roughly 40% since January 2021, of which more than 80% are tomatoes and citrus. Chris Woodward, British consul general and director of the Department for International Trade in Morocco, stated that the United Kingdom currently imports 25% of its tomato needs from Morocco. According to Woodward, fruit and vegetables topped Moroccan exports to the...

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