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Tokyo exchange closed for holidays: the main index gained 16 percent this year


On Wednesday, the Japanese stock exchange concluded the moving COVID year 2020 with a small loss. Investors took a step back after the strong advance a day earlier, pushing the main index in Tokyo to the highest level since August 1990. A more expensive Japanese yen created some price pressure on the major export companies. The other stock exchanges in the Asian region showed mostly profits. The...

Dutch PMI climbed in December, still negative though


Dutch industrial entrepreneurs were less negative in December. This is reflected in figures from the Central Statistical Office (CBS) of Netherlands. In particular, the assessment of expected activity showed improvement. Industrial confidence went from minus 3.8 to minus 0.4 in the last month of the year. That is the highest gain after March 2020, when confidence was shaken by the crisis. The...

Netherlands report 4.1 percent export increase in October


Exports of goods from the Netherlands increased by 4.1 percent in October compared to the same month a year earlier. The Central Statistical Office (CBS) of Netherlands states that in particular more chemical products, agricultural goods and machinery and equipment were exported. Exports of goods account for about three quarters of total exports. The volume of imports in October was 0.3 percent...

TUI lost majority of sales, cuts 8000 jobs


The German travel group TUI has been in deep trouble in the last broken financial year because of the malaise in the tourism sector caused by the coronacrisis. There was a net loss of more than EUR 3 billion. In order to cope with the crisis, some 8 000 jobs are being cut. Last year TUI put a profit in the books of EUR 532 million. Sales fell this year by 58% to less than EUR 8 billion. The...

Mukhtar Ablyazov offered his support to local parties, they declined it

Mukhtar Ablyazov

Judging by the online presence and Youtube views there is no figure more popular than Mukhtar Ablyazov in Kazakhstan. But his presence in the real politics of the country is limited to tin-hat freaks. Why his seemingly successful rhetoric does not yield significant electoral base? Is it dictatorship and oppressive regime to blame or the figure of the leader himself? Assay News supposes that the...

Brazilian airline will be the first to re-launch its Boeing 737 MAX fleet


The Brazilian airline GOL is scheduled to return to its service with the Boeing 737 MAX. In this way, the low coster is said to be the first company to take passengers with the aircraft that had to stay on the ground for a long time because of safety issues. Flying with the MAX had been banned since March 2019, as two fatal crashes with aircraft of that type had occurred within a short period of...

Timur Kulibayev skimmed the pipe contract, adding 53 million USD at expense of Kazakhstan

Timur Kulibayev

Timur Kulibayev, the wealthiest man in Kazakhstan got into trouble. The Financial Times laid its hands on a pile of the leaked documents that show how the presidential son-in-law siphoned millions from Kazakhstan government to own pocket. It’s not the first time the evidence of Timur Kulibayev’s major corruption and his accomplices surfaced to the press. Perhaps the only difference is...

Pfizer and BioNTech on track to deliver 100 million doses of the SARSv2 vaccine


Pfizer pharmaceutical corporation and biotechnology company BioNTech have the production of their vaccine in order. They have already produced nearly 50 million doses for this year, the two companies say. This contradicts a message in business newspaper The Wall Street Journal that they would not make their production for this year through procurement problems. According to The Wall Street...

Dutch industry shows strongest growth since January 2019


Activity in Dutch industry has grown at the strongest rate since January 2019 in November. In particular, the number of new orders increased considerably, especially from abroad. This also led to an increase in the number of jobs for the first time since February, reported the Dutch Association of Purchasing Managers (Nevi). Orders from other countries have been growing for four months in a row...

Aegon has sold Vienna Insurance Group


Aegon has sold its central and Eastern European branch to the Austrian branch representative Vienna Insurance Group (VIG). It concerns insurance, pension and asset management in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Turkey. For it, EUR 830 million is paid. “We focus our strategic focus on those countries and activities with which Aegon can create the most value,” says CEO Lard Friese of Aegon...

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