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Rejected seed potato harmful for Scottish exporters


A valuable cargo of first-class Scottish seed potatoes has reportedly been refused in Egypt. As a result, the traders face a loss of an estimated 1.5 million. Sources report that 1,500 tons of Hermes seed potatoes from five or six suppliers are currently trapped in Alexandria, after the cargo was refused by Egyptian authorities for failing to meet the December export date by one day. According to...

Tata Steel Plant emitted more pollutants than reported


In the vicinity of the Tata Steel Plant in IJmuiden, more emissions are measured than the company itself reports, RIVM reports on Friday. This may be due to conscious or unconscious mistakes made by Tata Steel, but there may also be other causes, according to the Health Institute. For particulate matter, the measurements were sufficiently similar, but the amounts of polycyclic aromatic...

South African rand dives amid rumors about the new mutation


The Rand rate, the South African currency, went down sharply against leading currencies such as the dollar on Friday. The new coronavirus variant, which has been discovered in the country and differs in many ways from the current prevalent Delta variant, led to nervousness among traders. The rand-dollar exchange rate dropped to the lowest level of the year. The value of the coin has been under...

Less work results in less work stress: isn’t it a bright discovery?


The number of employees who suffered from a burnout decreased last year. At the end of 2020, 1.2 million Dutch employees suffered from burnout complaints. The year before that there were 1.3 million. The pandemic, which broke out in March 2020, was expected to increase stress at work. However, the opposite appears to be the case, although there are undoubtedly exceptions in, for example...

Major changes in customs tariff from 1 January 2022

oil terminal

The Netherlands accounts for 40% of all customs declarations within Europe, but on 1 January things will change again. To be well prepared for this, over 100 customs professionals visited the day of the Declarant in Veenendaal last week. This could be due to a significant change caused by the fact the EU’s customs office will begin its duties on goods imported from the Netherlands to its...

Government spent 6.5 billion euro on KLM


KLM has a tax debt of 1.371 billion euros. This means that the company received a total of € 6.5 billion in support during the coronavirus crisis, writes the newspaper. All companies were able to postpone their tax payments during the coronavirus crisis. 376,000 companies took advantage of this. This concerns, for example, the wage tax, sales tax and corporation tax that did not have to be paid...

Lufthansa is back in the green zone


Lufthansa returned to profit in the third quarter and free cash flow was again positive. This was announced by the German airline on Wednesday morning. The adjusted EBIT returned to a positive result of 272 million euros for the first time since the start of the coronavirus crisis. A year earlier, Lufthansa recorded a loss of approximately 1.2 billion euros. Including restructuring costs, the...

Pork markets at their lows as demand weakens


October was not the best month for the pork market at the CME in Chicago. Physical pig prices in the United States are also under pressure. The CME-December contract concluded on Friday 31 October at $ 0.76 per pound (=0.45 kilos). At the beginning of the month, the futures market recorded $0.92. This represents a decrease of 17%. Physical market prices are also under pressure. For example, the...

Renault sales tumble, but the year will likely close as expected


Renault saw sales decline in the third quarter, but maintained the outlook for the entire financial year. This was apparent on Friday from the figures of the French automaker. Revenue in the third quarter fell from 10.4 billion euros to just under 9 billion euros on an annual basis. This is a little better than expected. Analysts who contributed to the consensus of FactSet counted on 8.9 billion...

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