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Renault sales down six percent, Zoe EV sales up by 157 percent


The French automaker Renault has said it has had a strong third quarter. The French took advantage of the attracting car market and increased sales of electric cars, reported the company in a trade report. The turnover came to EUR 10.3 billion, 8% less than the same period a year ago. The order book, on the other hand, increased by 60% at the end of September. Stocks were one-fifth smaller than a...

Goldman Sachs to pay two billion fine to prevent criminal investigation on massive fraud


The American bank Goldman Sachs would pay $ 2 billion to the US legal system to buy off the fraud scandal surrounding the Malaysian state fund 1MDB. The settlement can be announced this week, sources report to Bloomberg News Agency. Goldman previously closed large case for the Malaysian state fund, which is at the heart of a major scandal in Malaysia. The former prime minister of the country...

Better Bed attempts to conquer Chinese market


DBC International, the wholesale branch of bed seller Better Bed, is taking a step in China. The company has concluded a cooperation agreement with DeRUCCI, one of the largest Asian retailers. The two are going to hunt their international sales, that’s the point of agreement. The collaboration begins with the launch of the premium-mark M line in China. That collection includes mattresses...

Volkswagen Traton is taking over the American truck builder Navistar


Volkswagen Traton is taking over the American truck builder Navistar. That is what the two companies agreed. Traton, which is also publicly traded, already had a 16.8 percent stake in Navistar. For the remaining shares, the company pays 44.50 per share. That brings the take-over sum to 3.7 billion dollars. Traton already owns truck and busmaker MAN, the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania and the...

October Empire State index shows slowing down of the industry revival


The industry in and around New York grew less fast in October than a month earlier. That’s what the Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced. In and around Philadelphia, industrial activity increased sharply, according to figures from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. The so-called Empire State index, which reflects the activity in the New York industry, is for October plus 10.5 versus 17...

Schiphol extends its cooperation with Aéroports de Paris for one year


Schiphol extends its cooperation with Paris airports for one year until the end of November 2021. According to Aéroports de Paris, this agreement was due to expire this year. “The current context of uncertainty caused by the coronacrisis makes it necessary to postpone the decision on the future of this alliance”, the French state in a statement. The collaboration between Schiphol and...

Prince Andrew portrayed as a scarecrow but the reason for it isn’t Timur Kulibayev and Goga Ashkenazi connection

Timur Kulibayev

The plan to defund relatives isn’t the latest Windsor’s invention. It seems to be a repeating pattern of making an example of younger brother. Before the ongoing soap opera with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle there was a story of Prince Andrew. Defunding the parts of the family fprced Prince Andrew to seek for income on the darker side. He attempted a fixer career and met with Timur...

ASML remains optimistic on sales figures


Chip machine maker ASML continued to increase sales and profits in the third quarter. Thanks to increased homeworking, technology companies continue to do well in the midst of the coronacrisis, which also stimulates the demand for increasingly sophisticated chips. ASML is a supplier to almost all major chip makers. Sales in the third quarter amounted to almost EUR 4 billion, compared with EUR 3.3...

Mr Lucas Bols acquired the US distribution rights for Pallini Limoncello


Mr Lucas Bols acquired the US distribution rights for Pallini Limoncello. The distribution contract starts in mid-december and is expected to add around 3.5 million dollars annually to Lucas Bols USA’s turnover and make a positive contribution to the EBIT. Pallini is a family business founded in 1875 in Abruzzo, Italy. Pallini Limoncello is sold in more than 45 countries, with the United...

Swedish EOT fund intends to acquire KPN


The Swedish investor EQT is allegedly interested in acquiring KPN. Bloomberg News Agency reports, based on insider information, that the Swedes are talking to advisers about the possibilities. The telecom company itself and the investor refuse to comment. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the discussions between EQT and the advisors were still in an early phase. As a result, it is not yet...

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