Mastercard, Visa and eBay are also withdrawing from the Facebook currency Libra


Various large parties that were involved in the Facebook crypto currency are withdrawing from the project. This includes credit card companies Mastercard and Visa. This is reported by the Bloomberg news agency. It is a big disappointment for libra, because companies such as Visa and Mastercard play an important role in payment transactions in America and Europe. Visa, Mastercard, Stripe and...

US introduces a levy on Dutch cheese, excluding Gouda and Edam


The US imports import duties of 25 percent on a range of European goods. These include cheese, pork and butter from the Netherlands, according to a list published by American trade envoy Robert Lighthizer on Wednesday. Mussels and pears from the Netherlands and other EU countries are also affected by the import duties. The charges start on October 18. Edam cheese and Gouda cheese from the...

Former central bankers warn about dangerous ECB policies


The policy that the European Central Bank has now implemented is harmful. Six former central bankers, including former DNB president Nout Wellink, warn against this in a joint memorandum. It is exceptional for former central bankers to express themselves in this way. The six feel called by the increasing crisis measures that the ECB is taking to openly criticize. They endorse the criticism of...

Trump’s “Second Front” will also affects Americans themselves


The World Trade Organization is broken, ridiculous, bad, unfair. That was how Donald Trump talked publicly about the WTO until this week – until that Wednesday ruled that the US has the right to request 7.5 billion compensation from the European Union. “This is a nice win,” the president said during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday. According to him, the...

Kenes Rakishev: The time is ripe for Blockchain smartphones

Kenes Rakishev Finney phone abstract art.

Acute Angle smartphone by Huobi will strike the Asian market at the end of 2019. Samsung and LG are cooking their own gadgets. What unites the next generation of smartphones? They are targeted to cryptocurrency enthusiasts or regular crypto users. The user base that is rapidly growing, the marketing team suggests. The introduction of the crypto-enabled smartphones return us to the pioneer of such...

Wall Street was disappointed by Chinese representatives


The stock markets in New York were on a loss mid-way through the last session of the week on Friday. Trade tensions between China and the US emerged once again. This happened after Chinese representatives canceled a visit to American agricultural states, which was scheduled for next week. That caused early gains on Wall Street to reverse. The leading Dow-Jones index was 0.4 percent lower at...

Oil production will recover at the end of September


Saudi Arabia’s oil production will be fully recovered by the end of this month from last weekend’s drone attacks on Saudi oil installations, said energy minister Abdulaziz Bin Salman on Tuesday at a press conference. It was previously feared that it could take months before the production was largely restored. Insiders reported earlier on Tuesday that the recovery would probably be...

Airbus predicts doubling of the fleet to 2038


The worldwide fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft will more than double within nineteen years. Due to the continuing growth of aviation, a total of 48,000 aircraft will be operational in 2038, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus predicts. The aviation group, competing with the American Boeing for the title of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, states that aviation plays an...

Oil companies share become Asia’s favorite


In Japan, where investors returned after a long weekend, the stock market started slightly higher on Tuesday for the shortened trading week. Investors processed the sharp rise in oil prices after the attacks on Saudi oil installations last Saturday. In addition, President Donald Trump announced that the United States and Japan have reached a provisional trade agreement. The main index in Tokyo...

Next round of the US/China trade talks to start soon


Representatives from the United States and China are starting talks in Washington next Thursday about a solution to the ongoing trade dispute. Earlier in the day, the US Chamber of Commerce chief executive Tom Donohue said Friday’s first meeting would take place, but this was contradicted by the US Department of Commerce. Earlier it was announced that somewhere midway through this month...

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