AF/KLM waits for spring recovery


The French airline Air France is still counting on a recovery from the crisis in the spring. The French newspaper La Tribune, Anne Rigail, points out that there is still no need to make adjustments to the flight schedules, and that the stricter measures recently introduced by France have not yet had an impact on the number of bookings.

Air France, which is part of Air France-KLM, is suffering from the crisis, as is industry’s compatriots. Society is piling up losses and had to be kept up with public money. France and the Netherlands were jointly responsible for billions in emergency aid to Air France-KLM.

In the meantime, there is talk of additional support. The difficulty in the negotiations is that the Netherlands wants to invest at the level of KLM and not at the level of the listed parent company based in Paris. That is against the French government’s sore leg, which states that any investment in the group is also in KLM’s interest.

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