Air France comes with the plan to cut jobs at Hop! airline


Air France will come up with detailed plans for scrapping more than a thousand jobs at low coster Hop! this week, the French newspaper Le Figaro reports. Part of the staff may get new job at the parent company Air France.

Air France had already announced almost half the jobs at Hop! in July to be erradicated. They are talking about 1020 out of 2420 jobs.

According to Le Figaro, 317 pilots have to leave, of which between 180 and 200 may go to Air France on a voluntary basis. They’ll get a lower wage though. In the cabin crew, 286 jobs are lost. Here too, 200 people may get a job at Air France on a voluntary basis and at a lower wage. If people choose to move to the parent company, they get bonuses up to one year’s salary as compensation for lower wages.

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