Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world


Amazon has become the most valuable brand in the world. It is now worth $ 315 billion, an outstanding 52 percents more than last year. As a result, the company is rising from third to first place on the BrandZ list of Kantar research agency. That praises the smart acquisitions and the extensive offer of the company of Jeff Bezos.

Google, the leader last year, has dropped to third place with a brand value of $ 309 billion. Apple, which is worth $ 309.5 billion, has remained second. Microsoft is fourth, Facebook sixth. Payment company Visa (5th place) stands between these two tech giants. Alibaba is for the first time the most valuable company from China.

Tech companies are the fastest risers in the top hundred. Netflix rose from 61 to 34, YouTube from 51 to 39, Instagram from 91 to 44, Adobe from 75 to 45, Salesforce from 78 to 46 and Uber from 81 to 53. Newcomers on the list include taxi app Didi, smartphone maker Xiaomi and game console Xbox.

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