Amazon lays off dozens of game department employees


Amazon Game Studios has made dozens of employees redundant, Kotaku writes Monday. This would have happened during the E3 game fair.

Amazon’s gaming department has confirmed that people have been fired, but it does not say how many employees it is.

“Amazon Game Studios is reorganizing some teams so that we can prioritize the development of the New World and Crucible online games and some unannounced projects,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

An initiate tells that employees have sixty days to apply for a different position within the company. If they fail within the time limit, they will receive a severance payment.

Amazon Game Studios is also said to have canceled some unannounced games, Kotaku writes.

Amazon has had its own gaming department since 2014, but little has emerged from that. The development of the first game, Breakaway, was stopped in 2017. In addition, some top developers have left.

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