Amazon will no longer use data to outcompete the partners


Amazon has promised to no longer use data from competing sellers on its platform. The company is trying to come under two competition investigations by the European Commission, reports Reuters news agency on Thursday.

The webshop platform would counterfeit products that sell well through its own brands. The company would compete unfairly, the European Commission suspects.

Amazon is also going to treat all sellers on its sites equally with regard to the so-called ‘buy box’. That is the White Panel on the right side of the screen that the consumer must click on if they want to place an item in their digital shopping cart. Amazon would have preferred sellers who used the company’s logistics services.

Finally, companies that sell under the terms of Amazon’s subscription service Prime are also allowed to use the delivery service of their own choice. That was not allowed until now.

Amazon has pledged to stick to the proposals for five years. At the same time, the company indicates its disagreement with the conclusions of the European Commission. In turn, it has asked for reactions to the proposals of companies related to Amazon. The commission shall take the comments into account in its final decision. The competition investigations have not yet been completed.

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