ASM Pacific Technologies may go private again


ASM Pacific Technologies (ASMPT) may vanish from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The former subsidiary of ASM International (ASMI), listed in Amsterdam, is said to be in contact with potential investors, according to Insider reports.

ASMPT is said to have approached banks for financing in addition to investors and venture capitalists. Given the current market value of ASMPT of USD 4.2 billion, a potential deal with external investors would cost at least USD 3.2 billion. This does not take into account any possible premium on the current rate.

ASMPT has been listed in Hong Kong since 1989. The company depends on China for half its turnover. ASMI currently holds a stake of approximately 25% in ASMPT, which denies any plan to leave the stock exchange. ASMI was not directly available for comment.

Moreover, after it disappeared from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, ASMPT would eventually aim for a stock exchange listing in Shanghai. In doing so, the company wants to reap the benefits of its current high appreciation.

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