Ben & Jerry’s boycotts Jewish settlements, so Israel answers with counteractions


Anyone can watch online how the Israeli minister of Economic Affairs takes her Ben&Jerry’s out of the freezer and into the trash. If the ice maker no longer wants to sell ice in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and in East Jerusalem, then it won’t get in her way either, the minister’s wife makes it crystal clear in the video she posted.

Economically, it makes it possible for Israel, where there’s Caramel Chew Chew, or Chocolate, Caramel and Cookie Dough in the us, but in the political sense, the boycott of Ben&Jerry’s, a lot of screws. Since the news came out at the beginning of this week, Israeli politics and media have been taking it hard.

In a statement, the American company states that it is not in line with their values to sell ice cream in Occupied Palestinian territory. They say they meet the concerns of their fans and trusted partners. The sale in Israel will continue, the ice maker also reports.

To the pressure yielded

The decision is seen as a means of exerting pressure on Israel, especially because of its settlement policy. The international BDS movement (the abbreviation stands for Boycott, Disinvestment and sanctions) has been asking for sanctions against the internationally controversial policy for years. The American Action group Vermonters for Justice in Palestine tried to get Ben&Jerry’s to act. To that pressure, the company in the state of Vermont now seems to have caved in.

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