Carlsberg beer managed to increase sales


Carlsberg Breweries has sold slightly more beer last year. The specialty beers (craft) in particular experienced strong growth. In addition, more alcohol-free beer was also sold. Beer from the Carlsberg brand was less popular. The Danes also warned about the impact of the new corona virus on the results this year.

Craft experienced volume growth of 16 percent on an annual basis. The number of hectoliters of non-alcoholic beer produced increased by 7 percent. Furthermore, cider from the Somersby brand was in great demand, just like the 1664 Blanc white beer. The Carlsberg brand sold 3 percent less. All in all, the beer volume of the Danes increased by 0.1 percent.

Carlsberg increased its turnover by 5.4 percent last year to 65.9 billion Danish Krone (8.8 billion euros). Among other things, price increases did a good job. Gross profit increased by 12.2 percent to 10.5 billion krona.

The brewer anticipates slower growth for this year. Especially because beer sales in Asia are under pressure due to the corona virus and the stricter approach of drink drivers in Vietnam. Furthermore, there is fierce competition from Russia.

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