Ex-chemistry teacher now has a 10 billion-strong business


Zhong Huijuan is now the second richest woman in Asia. Her company Hansoh Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, made a huge price increase on the stock exchange on Friday.

Bloomberg news agency estimates Huijuan’s assets at $ 10.5 billion (€ 9.37 billion). Hansoh was launched on the Hong Kong stock exchange on Friday and the share rose 31% above the IPO introductory price.

The Huijuan company makes medicines used for cancer treatments, for diabetics and people suffering from nervous system disorders. The medication is mainly sold in China. She founded the company in 1995, after she resigned as a chemistry teacher.

Huijuan is married to Sun Piaoyang. He is the owner of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine and himself worth $ 9.4 billion (€ 8.39 billion), according to Bloomberg.

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