Expert advises to buy Uniliver shares


Due to the recent “weakness” of Unilever’s share, it is a good time to get in. That’s what Jefferies analysts say about the household chemistry and food group. According to Jefferies, the current low valuation of the stock is a mystery and a new purchase option will emerge next week when the company becomes fully British on paper.

Jefferies expects that the simplified structure of the company will do the popularity of Unilever’s share well. It is also because Unilever has more weight in the leading FTSE 100 index.

The reason for the recent decrease in the share may be related to the Brexit problems, it is concluded. Compulsory sale of the documents by ETF funds, which are unable to act in the United Kingdom, may also have put pressure on the share. According to Jefferies, a kind of balance will be achieved in the course of next week, with a more attractive appreciation.

Jefferies uses a buying opinion on Unilever. On Wednesday, around 09.45 hours, the share was 0.8 percent higher at 48.89 euro in a slightly lower AEX index.

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