GM sued Ford for alleged patent infringement


Car manufacturer General Motors (GM) has filed a lawsuit against industry rival Ford, writes Reuters on Saturday. According to the company, the name of Fords cruise control BlueCruise is too similar to GM’s hands-free Super Cruise function. Also, the name is too similar to that of Cruise, a subsidiary of GM that develops self-driving cars.

In April, Ford changed the name of its cruise control Co-Pilot360 to BlueCruise. GM disagrees with the choice and has raised this with Ford.

Because the talks between the two car manufacturers got bogged down, GM went to court in California on Friday, the company says.

GM wants the judge to prohibit Ford from using the name BlueCruise. In addition, it claims compensation. How much it will cover is not yet known.

Ford is critical of the charges. According to the company, ‘cruise control’ is a widely used term and drivers know what it means. That’s why it chose the name BlueCruise, says Ford. GM won’t go along with that. “Ford knows exactly what it’s doing. The decision to use a new brand name, similar to SuperCruise and Cruise, will inevitably cause confusion”.

Since 2017, GM has used the name SuperCruise for its cruise control system. A year earlier, the company bought Cruise for an unknown amount.

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