Google settles the competition authority case in France


Google has reached a settlement of 220 million euros with the French watchdog in France. The tech company pays the settlement after the authority filed a complaint for abuse of power in the advertising market.

The French Competition Authority says that Google is abusing its monopoly position in the sale of online ads. Google’s tool to help websites and apps sell advertising would have given the company too great an advantage over other operators.

Google not only pays the settlement of 220 million euros, but has also promised to improve the situation.

According to President Isabelle de Silva of the competition authority, this is an important step.

“This is the first time that these complex online advertising auction processes are being addressed,” she says in a statement.

Google has been under a magnifying glass in Europe for some time because of its monopoly position in various areas. For example, the German regulator Bundeskartellamt recently opened an investigation to find out whether Google is abusing its dominant market position.

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