Harassment, Abuse and Humiliation: Israeli PBC is in hot bath after Haaretz findings


Current and former employees at Kan tell Haaretz that they face a hostile work environment, including retribution for complaining.

Employees at the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation Kan regularly face abuse, humiliation and insults by managers, and incidents of sexual harassment have gone unpunished, according to dozens of testimonies collected by Haaretz.

Matan Drori, the head of Kan digital content, calls female employees “slut” and “bitch,” and discusses penis size with male employees, according to testimony. Another female manager has said a female employee “needs a f—k,” and jokes about a male worker’s physical disability. Radio broadcaster Avner Naim urinates in the women’s bathroom while leaving the door open, and in one instance pressed his crotch into the face of a female colleague.

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