Harley-Davidson is cruising in the sea of green numbers


In the second quarter of 2021, in contrast to last year, Harley-Davidson wrote green figures again and did better than expected. This was apparent on Wednesday from the results of the American manufacturer of motorcycles.

Over the second quarter, net income rose from $ 92.22 million negative to $ 206.3 million positive, or an adjusted $ 1.41 per share. The forecast was $ 1.21. Sales at Harley-Davidson also increased from $ 856 million to $ 1,530 million, where the market predicted $ 1,390 million.

The number of engines delivered increased in the second quarter from 52,700 to 65,300 engines on an annual basis. Harley-Davidson maintained the outlook on Wednesday and still expects sales growth in its engine branch of 30 to 35 percent.

The stock increased on Wednesday for Stock Exchange 2.7 percent.

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