KLM temporarily stops ticket sales from Schiphol, Airport comes up with action plan


Both Schiphol and KLM have taken measures to reduce the crowds at the airport. Where Schiphol today presents an action plan against the crowds, KLM will stop selling tickets for flights departing from the airport in the coming days.

The long queues and the crowds at Schiphol in recent weeks are expected to continue until the summer holidays. The airport today comes up with measures that should improve the current situation.

“It is not that passengers will no longer stand in line, “says Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop,” but it is the promise that we will do everything we can to provide passengers with a predictable and pleasant Schiphol experience.”
Four action points

In the’ summer 2022 Action Plan’, Schiphol has drawn up four points. For example, according to the management, more attention should be paid to recruiting employees and working at Schiphol should become more attractive. Schiphol also wants to work on a better flow at the airport and wants to make new agreements with airlines about the planning of flights.

These agreements are mainly related to the relaxation of landing rights. Normally, airlines that have landing rights at Schiphol should make as much use of them as possible. In order to deal with the crowds, Schiphol wants to give the airlines more space to be able to cancel flights themselves and retain their rights.

One of those airlines, KLM, is critical of the latter plan. It wants to work on other measures first, such as spreading flights and diverting to other airports.

“Schiphol is not yet at the level of 2019, it is worrying that this is already causing such problems due to deficiencies in Schiphol Security,” a KLM spokesman told the press.

KLM is also taking measures: until Sunday, no new tickets will be sold for flights from the airport. A spokesman at NH Nieuws emphasizes that travelers who have already booked tickets for the coming days do not have to worry that their trip will not continue. These are only new tickets from Schiphol that will not be sold until Sunday.

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