Mr Lucas Bols acquired the US distribution rights for Pallini Limoncello


Mr Lucas Bols acquired the US distribution rights for Pallini Limoncello. The distribution contract starts in mid-december and is expected to add around 3.5 million dollars annually to Lucas Bols USA’s turnover and make a positive contribution to the EBIT.

Pallini is a family business founded in 1875 in Abruzzo, Italy. Pallini Limoncello is sold in more than 45 countries, with the United States as the largest market.

Topman Huub van Doorn Van Lucas Bols is excited about the deal. “We look forward to further developing the well-known Pallini brand on the American market. We can add value to the brand with our catering expertise and it will increase the operational leverage of our distribution platform,” he says. The accelerated growth of the Passoã brand and the recent successful launch of Damrak Virgin 0.0 clearly show the growth potential of the American platform.

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