Nissan management intends to put an end to cooperation with Renault


The management of automaker Nissan is investigating whether it can end the many years of cooperation with partner Renault. The British business newspaper Financial Times writes this based on insiders. The plan would include a division of the production and design departments.

The poor relations between the Japanese and the French came to the fore in the aftermath of the fall of car magnate Carlos Ghosn, who was in charge of both companies for years. Ghosn was arrested in Japan for financial malpractice, but managed to escape when under house arrest and turned up in Lebanon.

Since that flight, the Nissan divorce plans are said to have accelerated. Despite attempts to improve relationships on both sides, the relationships between the automakers have, according to the sources, actually decreased. Many Nissan managers believe that the alliance with the French car manufacturer does the Japanese harm rather than good.

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By Maurice Eisma

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