Novartis sales slightly declined Y/Y


Novartis has seen drug sales in the second quarter weaken slightly due to the corona crisis. In particular, demand for the eye medicine Lucentis declined, and fewer patients started dermatological treatment or visited a doctor during the crisis.

The decline in hoarding, which caused a strong increase in sales of medicines during the start of the lockdown, also depressed turnover. Second quarter sales declined slightly ($ 11.3 billion) compared to the second quarter last year ($ 11.8 billion).

Sales of Zolgensma, a rare muscle disease drug, were in line with analyst expectations, and continued to grow in the second quarter. That drug is known as the most expensive drug in the world with a price tag of 2.1 million for a treatment.

Returning admissions to treat cancer, heart disease or other conditions could boost drug sales, Novartis said. The Swiss pharmaceutical company is continuing to develop new medicines and expects the impact of the corona crisis on the coming years to be limited.

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