Philips concludes ten-year deal with hospital


Philips has concluded a ten-year partnership with a French hospital. The Center Hospitalier Régional Universitaire (CHRU) in the city of Nancy will use the Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Imaging Solution. Financial details have not been reported.

The collaboration should enable the hospital to gain better insight into complex patient data. That should benefit the treatment.

Markets have risen sharply in recent days as unexpected charges to Mexico have been postponed, the Fed may be cutting interest rates and Trump has said some conciliatory words to China. This period of the year we must focus on macro data and this kind of geopolitical developments.

The G20 meeting is taking place in Japan at the end of the month. Trump has stated several times that he wants to meet his colleague Xi Jinping. Of course, several employees who are just below these two gentlemen must prepare for this meeting and start a reopening of the negotiation. As soon as that news comes out, the market will get an extra boost. I have already indicated several times that funds such as ArcelorMittal and Aperam will be the first to benefit.

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