Picnic wants to attract a partner in acquiring EDEKA


Online supermarket Picnic is in talks with the Dutch supermarket Superunie for a joint purchasing organization with the German supermarket company EDEKA. This confirms co-founder Michiel Muller of Picnic, following a Friday published article in the Financial Daily (FD).

Picnic, which has been active in Germany since 2018, has ambitions to enter the French and British markets, according to Muller. In this context, cooperation with the Germans has been sought.

“It works In Germany, so why not try it in other countries?”, says Muller rhetorically.

According to Muller, the new German partner EDEKA is booking an annual turnover of EUR 60 billion, while Picnic is reaching EUR 500 million this year. The Germans have their own supermarkets and a purchasing organization.

Picnic joins that organization, the partnership continues under the name Everest. ‘Third parties may also join. In a few weeks, Picnic will launch its own organic home brand, thanks to the new partnership. “We are creating a strong basis for moving forward together into Europe.”

Muller believes that elsewhere in Europe, too, there is a need to deliver messages to home without delivery costs. It happens under the same Picnic name. “It’s not about the brand, it’s about the service.”

As with Albert Heijn, delivering groceries to Picnic is also a loss. Muller: “by continuing to invest.”

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