Renault sales tumble, but the year will likely close as expected


Renault saw sales decline in the third quarter, but maintained the outlook for the entire financial year. This was apparent on Friday from the figures of the French automaker.

Revenue in the third quarter fell from 10.4 billion euros to just under 9 billion euros on an annual basis. This is a little better than expected. Analysts who contributed to the consensus of FactSet counted on 8.9 billion euros in revenue.

In the last quarter, Renault saw the number of vehicles sold decrease by 22.3 percent to 599,027 units. According to the automaker, this is due to production stops and shortages of semiconductors.

Renault estimates the production loss at around 170,000 cars in the third quarter due to a lack of components. Over the whole year, Renault expects to be able to produce almost 500,000 vehicles less.

Renault confirmed the expectations for the entire financial year. The operating margin is expected to be in the same order of magnitude as in the first half of the year.

Renault also aims for positive operational free cash flow at Automotive, excluding changes in working capital requirements.

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