Schiphol mess continues to harm Transavia


Airline Transavia must give passengers their money back in case of canceled flights, offer a flight on the same day or let them choose at what other time they want to fly, the Consumer Association said on Friday. Now the options are money back or a flight after the summer and that goes against European rules. Transavia says that passengers can always rebook if they see an alternative flight with the airline.

Between 7 July and 14 August, Transavia will cancel 240 flights at Schiphol, the airline said earlier this week. That is about 10 percent of the flights that Transavia would have departed from Amsterdam airport during that period. Affected passengers will have the options to ask for their money back or to fly after the summer.

“Transavia says it can’t offer a replacement flight to everyone. But it does not inform its customers about the possibility of proposing another flight itself, if necessary from another airline. This way, many people can still get to their holiday destination,” says Consumers ‘ Association director Sandra Molenaar.

The European rules on passenger rights stipulate that in the event of a cancelled flight, passengers can choose whether they want their money back, take a flight on the same day or take a flight at a different time of their choice. If Transavia cannot take care of this itself, it can also do so via another company and then Transavia has to pay the additional costs.
Transavia does not recognize itself in the Consumer Association

Transavia says it does not recognize itself in the article of the Consumer Association. “All passengers whose flight has been cancelled or changed can rebook if they see an alternative flight with us. For example, because seats are released from passengers who opt for a refund, ” says a spokesman for the airline. Transavia advises passengers to contact customer service.

The company cancels the flights at the request of Schiphol, because the airport is struggling with staff shortages during the summer months. EasyJet is also cutting flights. KLM will continue to fly the same number of flights, but will sell fewer tickets in July and August.

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