There will be no two billion compensation for Roundup case


The compensation of $ 2 billion that chemical company Bayer must pay to a couple in the United States because of the Roundup plea is too high. A US judge has established this in a preliminary ruling.

A jury awarded the billion-dollar fine earlier this year to an elderly couple who claim to have had cancer through exposure to Roundup weed killer. But according to the judge, the part that qualifies as a fine is too high in comparison with the compensation. Bayer would therefore have to pay the couple “$ 250 million” instead of $ 2 billion. Both parties now have the option to respond to this decision.

Earlier this week, another judge lowered compensation for a cancer patient for the same reason. That amount was reduced from $ 80 million to $ 25 million.

Roundup came to Bayer last year through the Monsanto acquisition. With this, the German concern also brought thousands of lawsuits for the plea. Bayer maintains that Roundup is safe, but did appoint a mediator for all claims

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