Trade union scraps the ground staff strike and enters into talks with KLM


The FNV trade union scraps a new strike by KLM ground staff. The union is once again joining the negotiations with the airline, reports the FNV on Saturday. The ground staff would lay down work for four hours on Sunday afternoon.

“Immediate reason are signs that we have received that KLM wants to take steps on important points for us,” writes FNV director Jan van den Brink.

On Monday the FNV will join the consultations with the other unions; this means that all unions are again in talks with KLM.

Due to the disagreement between the two parties, KLM’s ground staff also stopped on Monday and Wednesday. On Monday, 56 flights from the airline had to be canceled and on Wednesday that was twelve more. Checked baggage was then also not allowed.

The dispute between FNV and KLM is about better working conditions. Ground staff wants better rosters and more permanent employees. FNV is also demanding a 4 percent wage increase per year in the coming three years. Fifteen thousand employees are covered by the collective labor agreement for ground staff.

“We are curious to know what the benefits will be. KLM will receive from us until the end of next week to arrive at a negotiating result in outline. Otherwise we will continue with work interruptions,” says Van den Brink.

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