Wall Street opens slightly higher


American stock markets are slightly higher on Thursday. Investors in New York respond, among other things, to positive reports about the Sino-US trade negotiations and are chewing on a new delay for the Brexit until the end of October.

The Dow-Jones index rose 0.2 percent in the first trading minutes to 26,197 points. The broad S&P gained 0.1 percent at 2891 points and the Nasdaq technology fair rose 0.1 percent to 7969 points.

China and the United States have already made agreements on various sub-topics, bringing a trade agreement closer and closer. According to some reports, the agreement would be signed in June.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is given until 1 November at the latest to guide her divorce deal with the EU through the British parliament.

Tesla fell 3.4 percent. Reports that the maker of electric cars and partner Panasonic only made the place with investments in factories were there is reason for this.

Bed Bath & Beyond opened the books and showed a surprising loss. The share was then reduced by 11 percent.

Walt Disney (plus 0.2 percent) is also in the spotlight. The entertainment and media company is holding an investor day and is likely to reveal its plans for its own streaming service. With that Disney would like to compete with Netflix (minus 0.5 percent).

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