When crypto is not enough: Bitfury goes to IPO


Bitfury wants to go public at a valuation of billions of dollars. According to the newspaper, the company would have taken over Deloitte. It must examine whether the time is right to be listed on the stock exchange.

The IPO of Bitfury, which has its headquarters in Amsterdam, would be the largest in Europe for a cryptocurrency company, according to the newspaper. The biggest contenders to get Bitfury listed are Euronext Amsterdam or the London Stock Exchange, according to The Telegraph.

At the last round of investments Bitfury was already valued at about $ 1 billion.

Bitfury is led by CEO Valery Vavilov and was founded in 2011. Using artificial intelligence, blockchain, bitcoin and high-performance computing, the company says it wants to make the world a safer place.

Major shareholders of Bitfury are Galaxy Digital of Mike Novogratz and investment bank Macquarie.

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