Airbus predicts doubling of the fleet to 2038


The worldwide fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft will more than double within nineteen years. Due to the continuing growth of aviation, a total of 48,000 aircraft will be operational in 2038, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus predicts.

The aviation group, competing with the American Boeing for the title of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, states that aviation plays an increasingly important role for economic growth. This has already resulted in twice as many people and goods being transported by air as in 2000. For the coming years, Airbus expects an annual increase of more than 4 percent in air traffic.

At present there are just under 23,000 planes around the world. The growth anticipated by Airbus also provides hundreds of thousands of new jobs. The company expects that 550,000 extra pilots and 640,000 new technicians will be needed in the coming years.

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By Leah Kunze

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