Bitcoin pops up towards $14,000 – and retracts back to ~11K


The price of bitcoin continues to rise sharply. In the course of the evening, this approached the limit of 14,000 dollars (12,500 euros).

The current price of around $ 13,700 is 20 percent higher than yesterday. This level was last reached in January 2018.

UPD: current price is ~$11400

Among other things, the steps of tech giant Facebook, which comes with its own virtual currency Libra, are driving the course. Other crypto currencies, such as ethereum, also show an upward trend. A relatively rapid rise warns of a bubble, just like at the end of 2017.

In the wake of the coins, listed companies with a clear exposure to the digital currency market also went up. MGT Capital Investments, for example, won 45 percent, DPW Holdings rose 42 percent and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust BTC shot up 14 percent.

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