EU diplomats: Dijsselbloem did not get IMF job due to “questionable role” of France


The French did everything to prevent Dijsselbloem from taking on the position. And that has brought them the desired result.

The Netherlands has tried. First Frans Timmermans had to become president of the European Commission. In his own country he was seen as a top favorite. Unfortunately for him he didn’t get it. Von der Leyen was appointed instead of Timmermans, a woman who will do exactly what Germany and France want.

When that failed, the Rutte government decided that Jeroen Dijsselbloem should then become president of the IMF. Yes, that would probably work.

Well, no. And again because France intervened:

That Jeroen Dijsselbloem is not the successor of IMF director Christine Lagarde is partly due to the dubious role that France played as a director of the selection procedure. That is what EU diplomats and officials say who have closely followed the behind-the-scenes process.

The French finance minister Bruno Le Maire should have been neutral – a sort of referee – but secretly played a particularly active role that was primarily aimed at blocking Dijsselbloem.

Of course this doesn’t surprise anyone at all. The French have been playing such a dirty, secret role in the European Union for years. Dijsselbloem is too much a “hawk” and so it must be prevented that it gets a top position. Oh yes, and the fact that the Netherlands is being screwed up is an extra bonus for Paris.

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