Goldilocks at the stock markets around the World


It seems like a Goldilocks situation. Goldilocks is the nickname for parameter setting in which the markets are not overheated, not too cold, but “just right”, just like the porridge plates in the story about the three bears.

Thanks to a series of better-than-expected business results and good growth figures, the stock markets went well last month, and yesterday the mood only got better. At 1.7%, inflation in the euro zone in April was slightly higher than expected, and the number of new jobs in the United States in the same month was even higher than expected at 263,000.  
Extra good news for investors: interest rates in US and Europe remain extremely low for the time being. Good economic reports are usually a sign for central banks to raise interest rates, but they were shocked by strong reactions in the financial markets when they referred to interest rate hikes in the fourth quarter.

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