Kenes Rakishev: The time is ripe for Blockchain smartphones


Acute Angle smartphone by Huobi will strike the Asian market at the end of 2019. Samsung and LG are cooking their own gadgets. What unites the next generation of smartphones? They are targeted to cryptocurrency enthusiasts or regular crypto users. The user base that is rapidly growing, the marketing team suggests. The introduction of the crypto-enabled smartphones return us to the pioneer of such devices, a high-end Finney from the Sirin Labs. Finney was and remains the only one high-end product in the niche. What Kenes Rakishev, one of its creator, thinks of the incoming competition on the market?

Kenes Rakishev views the rising competition as a benefit for the Finney and Sirin Labs behind it. In truth the market saturates with both novice and heavy players and Sirin no longer will be in solitude. Here“s what he says:

«We applaud the Finney competitors. I am very positive on the fact that we will be no longer a lone wanderer in this market. Strong companies are joining the race to put blockchain solutions to the regular customers. Together we will accomplish the strategical mission to develop decentralized products for the everyday life».

He adds that the Acute Angle smartphone is introduced by Sirin Labs partner – the Huobi exchange. It will be initially available only for Chinese market. Other South-Asian nations will get it in Q4 2019.

Kenes Rakishev is confident about the blockchain smartphone future

Kenes Rakishev
Kenes Rakishev

Finney is readily available at the different markets. It is sold over the Amazon in Europe. Sirin Labs opened shops in London and Tokio. Soon it will be directly available at Singapore and Seoul.

LG and Samsung entrance to the market of crypto-enabled smartphones is a good sign as it shows that the adoption will truly grow. As a result everyone will win.

Kenes Rakishev: philanthropy and family ties

In addition to entrepreneurship, Kenes Khamitovich Rakishev devotes much effort to the prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the support of its fellow citizens. He implemented many projects with the assistance of the Sabi charity foundation.

Campus for young people “Meyіrіm”: created in order to help children left without parental care to adapt to society. In this organization, children are created the conditions so that they can realize themselves, provide housing, provide psychological assistance, help them get a profession and work.

Since 2012, Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich has been the head of the judo federation in Kazakhstan, he supports this and other sports in his homeland in various ways, works on the sports development of the young generation.

Taiburyl: Rakishev is one of the founders of this project, whose activity is aimed to provide able students with substantial scholarships so that they can develop their abilities.

Foundation for single mothers: the entrepreneur participated in the creation of a project to provide homes for women without a husband, but with infants, or for women without a husband who are in late pregnancy.

The entrepreneur is married to Asel Tasmagambetov, she runs a charity fund. Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich and Asel have two sons: Dinmukhamed and Nuriddin.

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