Myanmar state media banned by Facebook


Facebook has removed Myanmar state broadcaster MRTV pages. State television warned residents that demonstrating against the coup might “cost lives”. According to the company, the statement violates Facebook’s policy against violence and sedition.

On 1 February, the army seized power in the Southeast Asian country because the elections were allegedly rigged. However, there is no evidence for that.

People of Myanmar have been demonstrating against the military junta for days. State broadcaster MRTV warned activists Sunday of deadly consequences. A day earlier, two people were killed after police in Mandalay city started shooting at demonstrators.

“Protesters are now inciting people to follow a path of confrontation that will cost lives,” wrote MRTV. According to Facebook, the statement is in violation of its policy against violence and incitement to violence.

Previously, Facebook also removed pages of the Myanmar military, because they would incite violence.

Facebook trading has a history. In 2018, the company acknowledged that it had done too little to prevent incitement to violence. The social medium was used to divide and incite hatred towards the Rohingya minority in Myanmar.

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas have fled Myanmar because of military repression. The Myanmar army is said to have raped and murdered refugees on a large scale. The United Nations (UN) investigates the abuses.

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