No evidence that TikTok provided personal data to China: CIA


According to the U.S. intelligence agency, there’s no evidence that the app TikTok is being used for espionage by Chinese intelligence agencies. That’s what the organization’s analysts told president Donald Trump, according to The New York Times.

The CIA was recently asked to investigate TikTok’s dangers to national security. This would have led to a two-pronged conclusion: it is possible that the app will be used to intercept data for Chinese espionage, but there is no concrete evidence that this has happened.

Critics have long feared that TikTok is a spy tool for China. ByteDance is in the country and could provide user data under pressure from the government.

Although no evidence of such practices has been found according to the CIA, Trump recently decided to ban the app. On september 20, American companies will no longer be allowed to deal with ByteDance, which means, for example, removing the app from Apple and Google’s app stores.
US acquisition

The American TikTok ban can still be avoided if an American company buys up part of the business. At the moment, Microsoft would be discussing a takeover, which will be the subject of discussions until 15 September at the latest.

TikTok has grown considerably in recent months. Worldwide, the app is used monthly by 800 million people, according to data report research figures.

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