Dutch Israel allies to stage demo against boycott


On March 12 the ‘Christians for Israel’ will demonstrate at the national office of GroenLinks. This, of course, in response to the ‘boycott-of-Israel’ motion adopted by GroenLinks.

The organization makes an appeal to be ‘present as friends of Israel and the Jewish people’ at the demonstration (08:00 in the morning, national agency GroenLinks). For those who did not participate: GroenLinks took a motion during the members’ congress on 16 February:

‘BDS’ (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) ‘as a legitimate means of helping the Palestinians in their struggle for justice.’

The message of Christians for Israel is clear: to offer apologies to the Jewish community and withdraw the motion. They have even drawn up game rules so that no disruptive elements appear that put them in a bad light. Is not bad, just do not bring your own banners.

If the protest action gets a bit of a size, it can still have consequences for the party during the elections of March 20! Unfortunately, it is not clear how big the organization is and what the expected attendance is.

It seems more and more that GroenLinks has shot itself in the foot at a fairly awkward moment. You get that if you just mix up in foreign policy, think you have to choose a side and do not expect any consequences from that choice. It is also a naïve club.

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