Dutch PMI climbed in December, still negative though


Dutch industrial entrepreneurs were less negative in December. This is reflected in figures from the Central Statistical Office (CBS) of Netherlands. In particular, the assessment of expected activity showed improvement.

Industrial confidence went from minus 3.8 to minus 0.4 in the last month of the year. That is the highest gain after March 2020, when confidence was shaken by the crisis.

The average for the last 20 years is 0.3. The confidence of the entrepreneurs reached the highest value in February 2018 at 10.9 and the lowest value in April of this year at minus 28.7.

The producers were also less negative about the order book. As regards stocks of finished products, they were a little more positive, the statistical office further noted. Confidence has improved in almost all the different sectors. The most positive were entrepreneurs in the wood and construction materials industry. The producers in the food industry were the most negative.

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