Kairat Boranbaev and Kenes Rakishev joined the top of the most influential Kazakhstan’s businessmen in Belarus


The Forbes of Kazakhstan published the top-50 of most influential businessmen of the country. Some of them have broad interests in Belarus. Kazakhstan is in top ten of the list of countries who trade with Belarus.

Investment relations is considerably lower than trade. However in the last edition of the top-50 list there is at least five individuals that deal with Belarusian partners and are involved in the Belarus economics. Here are the most notable ones.

Nurlan Smagulov

Nurlan Smagulov [54] is the only owner of Astana Group that unites car assembly and dealership companies, a chain of trade centres in Almaty and Astana. Astana Motors company is assembling Belarusian “MAZ”, Hyundai and Golden Dragon. Astana Motors is representing at least ten automotive brands on the local market. In 2016 it became a MAZ dealer and in 2017 Astana Group launched a local assembly of the trucks. In 2019 it will make one hundred of MAZ trucks. In 2020 it is planed to make up to 350 MAZ. Nurlan Smagulov is number six in the Forbes.kz list.

Kairat Boranbaev

Kairat Boranbaev is perhaps most known Kazakhstani businessmen working in Belarus. Since 2015 he is the main franchise holder for McDonald’s in Belorussia, Kazakhstan and several regions of Russia. This is only a part if his activities. He is the owner of a diverse “Almaly holding”. Almaly is a major manufacturer of plastics, food and drugs. He develops real estate projects, operates a chain of fitness clubs, parking lots and cinemas.

Kenes Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev is number 12 in the Forbes list. His main venue is BTA Bank. There is BTA Bank in Ukraine and Belarus. In 2019 Kenes Rakishev sold the BTA branch in Kirghizstan. But the bank is only a fraction of his activities. He owns a good part of the industrial and mining operations in Belarus. His investment companies are active on the local market.

Kenes Rakishev is well known for his interest in innovative projects. His entrepreneur skills are unique for the CIS countries and has made him a name far beyond them. Venture capital company Net Element is listed at NYSE. He is also experimenting in blockchain technology and mobile computing.

He is deeply involved in philanthropy and environmental conservation projects. Kenes Rakishev is the president of the national boxing federation and other sport and charity bodies in his countries.

Orifdjan Shadiev

Number 32 in the list is Orifdjan Shadiev. He is forging a bank group by merging and acquisitions. In 2019 he bought AsiaCredit Bank and invests in construction industry. Orifdjan Shadiev bought the Italian company Todini Costruzioni Generali and is actively building the road network in Belarus.

Andrey Lavrentiev

Andrey Lavrentiev is #47 in Kazakhstan’s Forbes list. He is the major shareholder of Allure group of companies. Trading and manufacturing of the automotive equipment is the profile of Allure. One of the Allure companies, “Agromashholding” is the dealer of “Gomselmash” in Kazakhstan. The company assembles local variation of “Polesie” harvesters known under Essil brand.

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