Moroccan food exports to UK rise nearly 40% after Brexit


Moroccan food exports to the UK have increased by roughly 40% since January 2021, of which more than 80% are tomatoes and citrus.

Chris Woodward, British consul general and director of the Department for International Trade in Morocco, stated that the United Kingdom currently imports 25% of its tomato needs from Morocco. According to Woodward, fruit and vegetables topped Moroccan exports to the UK in 2021, with a total value of 377.8 million euros, while cereals topped Moroccan imports from the UK (28.1 million euros).

Moroccan exports of watermelons and cucumbers to the UK have continued to rise over the past year, he added. In October 2019, the two countries signed a post-Brexit association agreement; the agreement entered into force in January 2021. Under the bilateral agreement, Rabat and London pledged to maintain and consolidate trade relations, as well as increase bilateral trade volume.

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