Israeli poor and disabled will get one billion shekel relief payment


State budget will provide millions of shekels for survivors of domestic violence, those with disabilities, food security, welfare dormitories, senior citizens, Holocaust survivors, and more.

The new budget will increase the Social Affairs Ministry’s budget by a billion shekels to NIS 10 billion. Hundreds of millions of shekels will be added for much-needed welfare programs after Israel has been without a budget for more than three years.

“The significant addition to the budget will allow us to implement many plans that have been waiting for the budget, and to formulate new plans for many populations in need of social services assistance,” said Sigal Moran, director-general of the Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry.

“The coronavirus crisis presented us with the significant challenge of addressing a larger population than the one that received services from us before the crisis.”

Some NIS 105 million will be added to the budget for combating domestic violence, allowing the ministry to construct new dormitories for battered women and men, as well as improving the time needed for it to take on new cases.

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