New stimulus consensus pushes stock exchange in excitement


The average price of a property in the United States rose by 1.6 percent in October compared to a month earlier. This is reflected in the S & P Corelogical Case Shiller index, which reflects price developments in 20 major American cities.

Economists in general counted on a plus of 1 percent. Compared to a year earlier, homes became almost 8% more expensive in October.

The US stock exchanges are expected to open a slightly higher opening on Tuesday. This would be built on the records of a day earlier. The sentiment on Wall Street is positive because there is finally new stimulus for the American economy. There may even be a little more support, as the US House of Commons has agreed to president Donald Trump’s demand for more valuable support cheque.

The $ 900 billion stimulus package was approved in Congress last week after lengthy negotiations. Trump initially refused to sign the deal and wanted, among other things, to increase the value of the bailout to $ 2000. But in the end, Trump succumbed to political pressure and put a grinding signature in his country house in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

The president, however, demanded that both the House of Representatives and the Senate vote on his proposal to increase the value of the American support cheque from the support package. Now that the Democrats-dominated House of Commons has agreed, only the Senate has yet to make a verdict. But there the Republicans are in the majority and it is still unclear whether there is sufficient support. Within Trump’s own party there is opposition to the increase in the aid cheque. The Senate will probably meet on Tuesday.

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