Non-binding ‘positive commitment’ reached on climate goals


Dutch financial institutions put their signature on Wednesday under agreements that should contribute to the climate goals of Paris. Much is still unknown about the concrete measures they take against CO2 emissions.

Banks, pension funds, insurers and asset managers promise in their so-called commitment to present their own clear climate objectives by 2022 at the latest. For example, they want to contribute to financing the transition to cleaner energy.

From next year they will report how much CO2 is involved in their investments and financing. This report does not immediately cover all items on the balance sheet, but will be gradually expanded. All signatories may know how the emissions are measured.

No sanctions will apply to signatories who do not keep their promises, a spokesperson for the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) says. According to the spokesperson, the agreements must be seen more as a “positive” commitment.

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