Non-binding and vague agreement to protect Ukraine angers Kiev


The United States and Germany have reached an agreement on the controversial gas project Nord Stream 2. If Moscow uses the gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany to exert political pressure, it risks sanctions.

“Should Russia try to use energy as a weapon or take further aggressive actions against Ukraine, Germany will take action itself and insist on sanctions at European level,” the US Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told Congress.

According to Nuland, the two countries will come up with details later tonight. German Foreign minister Heiko Maas welcomes the agreement and speaks of a “constructive solution”.

According to the American newspaper The Washington Post, the united states, the construction continue to do so in exchange for a German investment climate and environmental action in the Ukraine. According to the German press agency DPA, this is a financial injection of at least EUR 200 million.

Kiev is not happy with the agreement. According to the Ukrainian Foreign minister, the Nord Stream 2 project represents a threat to the security of Ukraine. The minister calls for consultations on the matter with the European Commission and the German government.

Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline that runs under the Baltic Sea, is a difficult point between the Americans and the Germans. US president Biden and German Chancellor Merkel recently openly disagreed about the nearly completed project. Washington is fiercely opposed to the gas project and repeatedly threatened with sanctions against investors and companies that participated in the construction.

According to the US, the pipeline makes Europe too dependent on Russian gas. This would allow Russia to exert political pressure through gas supply on issues such as Ukraine and Poland. Germany sees Nord Stream 2 primarily as an economic project.

The Russian government said last month that the gas pipeline, which has been under construction for years, will be ready by the end of this year.

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