Prince Andrew portrayed as a scarecrow but the reason for it isn’t Timur Kulibayev and Goga Ashkenazi connection


The plan to defund relatives isn’t the latest Windsor’s invention. It seems to be a repeating pattern of making an example of younger brother. Before the ongoing soap opera with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle there was a story of Prince Andrew. Defunding the parts of the family fprced Prince Andrew to seek for income on the darker side. He attempted a fixer career and met with Timur Kulibayev, a wealthy Kazakhstani billionaire eager to join the very highs of the British society. It didn’t go well for both, LeedSTV assumes.

Prince Charles and Prince Andrew had been at odds for years. Now that Charles is preparing for the throne, he would like Andrew out of sight as much as possible along all his controversial ties and connections – beginning from Timur Kulibayev and Goga Ashkenazi to Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew’s princely image crumbled quickly, mainly because of his dubious contacts. For example, with Kazakh billionaire Timur Kulibayev. Andrew sold to him Sunninghill Park, the house that he and Sarah Ferguson got as a gift from queen Elizabeth for marriage. What’s more important is that Andrew sold the derelict mansion with a premium of more than three million that the property was publicly advertised. Public conclusion leaned toward the suspicion that Prince Andrew received a bribe from Timur Kulibayev. Prince Andrew dismissed such allegation but instead of distancing himself from Timur Kulibayev he became involved deeply in Kazakhstan affairs. It lead him to dismissal as a UK trade representative in Central Asia. All benefits for Timur Kulibayev were cancelled.

Timur Kulibayev isn’t sole controversial figure in prince Andrew deck. He met with the son of Libyan leader Gaddafi and with Sakher El Materi, the son-in-law of the deposed Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. This Sakher was suspected at the time of corruption, large-scale fraud and money laundering. The prince was also friends with the Finnish-Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygård, who is suspected of raping several underage girls. And, of course, there’s the warm bond Andrew maintained with the convicted felon, now deceased, sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

PrinceAndrew and Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew and Goga Ashkenazi

Since the age of three, he has been the first in line to the throne, making the Prince Charles (71) the longest waiting crown prince ever in the United Kingdom. His mother, Queen Elizabeth (94), is the longest-ruling British queen; she has been on duty for 65 years. The moment that Charles takes over the throne when his mother dies or, and that must have been forced by circumstances, resigns, is undeniably closer. Charles had been preparing for his future task for years. At the top of his to do list would be to keep the monarchy popular. The British often complain that it costs far too much tax money. In order to keep those voices down as much as possible, Charles decided a few years ago – in consultation with his mother – to drastically reduce the ‘senior royals’ club that works for the royal house and receives money for it. This meant that, among others, the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie fell out of the boat and had to build their own career.

That would not have pleased their father Prince Andrew at all. He would have been furious with Charles, for he would have expected his daughters to be given more royal tasks. The British press wrote extensively about it and eventually Andrew felt obliged to officially announce that there was nothing going on and that he felt it was only natural for Beatrice and Eugenie to go to work.

It’s rumoured that it is the main reason for the feud. Timur Kulibayev and Gaddafi are unlikely people to be associated with monarchy too.

Timur Kulibayev Timur Kulibayev

Timur Kulibayev failed in his Quest for The West. The involvement in royal affairs gave him nothing for his extra three million paid to Andrew. Moreover he is the person which is considered toxic. His circle is now confined to his compatriots and direct business partners. By the way Timur Kulibayev has finished the construction of new Sunninghill Park and at least may enjoy comfortable stay in it.

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